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At Blossom Springs, we understand that dementia means different things to different people. No two residents are going to have the same experience as each other as they deal with their own personal issues. We have to acknowledge and respect this, with a strong commitment to treating everyone that stays with us as an individual. That is why when you choose Blossom Springs Dementia Care Facilities, you can be sure that your loved ones will always get the support they need and deserve at the time.

This personalized response means assisted living tailored to the needs of the individual.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dementia care. What works for one person could be counter-productive or distressing for someone else. We can’t insult those in the early stages with minor symptoms by grouping them in with those with more complex needs. We have to take the time to understand where the strengths and weaknesses of each resident lie and how best to work within those parameters.

There are sure to be times where care plans are no longer suitable. We might have something ideal for those with minor lapses in memory and cognition, but then find that there are new symptoms or that episodes worsen. This is when we need to rethink, consult with the family and work on providing the ideal amendments to a care plan. We don’t want to take away freedoms before we need to, but we can’t leave people vulnerable to harm or accelerated decline either.

Assisted living at Blossom Springs.

There is a good chance that your relative is perfectly fine handling a lot of daily tasks and has strong cognitive reasoning right now. But, maybe there are lapses of memory and judgment that leave you concerned. As such, you may wonder if it is too soon to relocate them to a dementia care residence. One of the benefits of Blossom Springs is that there are opportunities for residents where they can maintain a large part of their independence, just with a little help. We can tailor the care provided to the individual with ease. These services can include.

~ meal support so that residents get healthy meals brought to their home if they struggle with cooking.

~ weekly housekeeping for those that may find it difficult to stay on top of chore lists.

~ laundry services

~ concierge transportation to appointments for those that may forget their schedule or struggle with driving and navigation

Dementia care services can help to improve abilities and quality of life.

The more that we keep our brains active and test our cognitive skills, the better able we are to keep the brain healthy and strong. We carry out physical exercise for our physical health – something that is also an important part of dementia care at Blossom Springs – so why not use cognitive exercise for our cognitive health.

We offer a range of services at our campus to help residents use their brains as best they can. The hope is that they will not only slow any decline in cognitive function, but also have a lot of fun at the same time. Cognitive exercise doesn’t have to be strict and clinical. It is always better if residents can treat exercises more like a hobby than a chore. That is why we offer the following at our facility:

~ a range of wellness programs that promote health from different perspectives.

~ art and music therapy to engage different parts of the brain and get creative

~ social and learning opportunities to help residents indulge in interests and hobbies.

Our fitness and wellness programs are as diverse as possible so that all residents can build strength and abilities in ways that suit them. The brain-fit activities are ideal for combining physical and cognitive exercise, helping residents to focus on their task, improve brain function, and also get fitter and stronger.

Memory Care at Blossom Springs

Creative programs are also a great way for residents to improve their cognitive health, as well as their mental health. Mental health issues with dementia sufferers are common. Our music and art sessions can help residents to express how they are feeling through visual or audio stimuli. The social setting of the settings is also helpful for those that may struggle with their new surroundings.

Then there are the learning opportunities. This is a great opportunity for residents to follow a passion or interest in greater detail. It may be that your loved one had great plans to learn to cook, learn a new language, or delve deeper into interests close to their heart. Their struggles at home and onset of dementia may have halted that. But, with our help, they may able to pick up this ambition once again and achieve great things.

Finally, you can rest assured that our professional staff is well-equipped to provide the best support possible.

The Blossom Springs dementia care facilities team is professionally trained to deal with the complexities and care needs associated with dementia. This not only means 24-hour support for any circumstance, but also a caring approach of positivity and the Teepa Snow method. This approach is all about nurturing people and supporting them based on what they can currently do, while also creating a strong relationship and communication method. This positive style leads to a much better experience for all concerned as there is less pressure to conform to any standards and no attempt to highlight the failing capabilities of a resident.

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If this positive approach sounds like just what you and your loved one need right now, you can get in touch to learn more. We are more than happy to discuss the facilities and opportunities with you to help reassure you about your choice. No matter where your relative is on their journey with dementia, or the complexity of their symptoms, we can provide a personal service that is compassionate, supportive, and geared towards what they can still achieve.

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