Assisted Living in Rochester MI

Assisted LivingAt Blossom Springs, we have a motto: life in full bloom. Our assisted living Rochester MI facilities offer professional care for all kinds of conditions and needs. But, there is also the desire to help everyone live their life to the fullest for as long as possible. So, why should you consider our Blossom Springs campus for your loved one?

Choosing the perfect home for your loved one isn’t easy.

There is always going to be that niggling doubt that the facility won’t suit their needs or that you’re placing your own needs above theirs. That is why it is so important that we offer choice within our Blossom Springs neighborhoods. There are three levels of care available when choosing Blossom Springs assisted living. They are:

1) Secured Assisted Living. Assisted living doesn’t have to mean a loss of independence. Residents here can still live in their own accommodation and make their own schedules, just with as much assistance and service provision as is necessary for their needs.

2) Memory Care. In these facilities, there is a great emphasis on dementia care and helping residents to make the most of their time. This also means a more secure facility for better peace of mind.

3) Wellness Residences. Here, seniors can find a place to recover and relax after a spell of ill-health, an injury, or major surgery. They can rehab and improve their physical and mental health via all kinds of support services.

Dignified assisted living Rochester MI seniors can be proud of.

You may also worry about taking your relative out of their comfortable home and placing them in some unfriendly, unattractive, and restrictive new form of accommodation. We don’t want to confine the ones we love to a nursing complex. We want them to be able to transition to a beautiful new residence where they can create a new home in their golden years. It shouldn’t feel like a hospice or clinical setting. It should be inviting, relaxing, and ready to cater to their needs.

Assisted LivingThis concern is why we make sure our Blossom springs Rochester campus is as inviting and aesthetically pleasing as possible in its architecture, interior decorating, and it’s landscaping. We believe that residents should have the opportunities to feel good and enjoy life as best they can. With that in mind, we strive to provide different services and engaging activities that support an active and enjoyable lifestyle. Some of these facilities include the following.

1) Music programs. Music is a brilliant way for seniors to use a different part of their brain, to unlock memories, and to connect with other residents through culture.

2) Art therapy. Our residents don’t need to have the skills of Picasso to enjoy art therapy. It is all about self-expression in a fun environment with their peers.

3) Fitness programs. Physical fitness is another great way for seniors to get together and stay active. It could be a class or a chance to make use of gym equipment. Regular sessions could ease medical and psychological conditions.

4) Brain-fit programs. It is also important to keep the brain active. That is why we make use of these activities to give residents the chance to keep their brains sharper for longer.

5) On-site salon services. Blossom Springs residents also deserve the chance to pamper themselves. They have earned the chance to sit back and be taken care of and it can feel great to still chat with friends while getting their hair done.

6) Secure outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces are as important as indoor ones. Fresh air and a chance to be in nature make a big difference to well-being. That is why we make sure to maintain our secure gardens and keep the campus looking great.

7) A tranquillity room. A communal campus can still be overwhelming at times for those used to their personal space and independence. Tranquillity rooms allow for a calm environment and are perfect for any residents with other mental health issues.

8) A family room. When family members come to visit, it is important that residents can show off the campus and make them feel welcome. The family room is perfect for this.

Blossom Springs assisted care in Rochester is fun but still professional and reliable.

Underneath all of this fun and the uplifting side of Blossom Springs senior care, there is also diligent professionalism. You can be sure that our staff can handle the best and worst of care home experiences to provide support and comfort to everyone. This means treating everyone with the medical care they require but also showing due respect and compassion. No resident should lose their independence where they can hold on to it. No resident should ever feel like they have lost their dignity by moving to an assisted living complex.

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Our team works with a positive approach and specializes in dementia care to get the very best out of those in our care. They are also trained to deal with the residents as individuals with personal needs and to tailor care packages accordingly. A one-size-fits-all approach to senior care never works. Even residents with more personal independence can benefit from just the right level of help. Be assured that your relative can benefit from the following depending on their needs and care package.

1) Housekeeping and other flat services. This means that those that live independently can still have help when it comes to cleaning, laundry, and general maintenance of the property.

2) A concierge. The concierge service is ideal for helping residents find the services they need and deal with life outside the campus. This means making appointments and providing transportation.

3) Food services. Our residents can also enjoy a brilliant meal plan where we work alongside registered dieticians.

Assisted living Rochester MI facilities don’t have to be restrictive and clinical. Your loved one can find a space where they can get the care they need without losing sight of who they are. They can enjoy as much freedom and enriching activities as possible while we lighten the load and provide essential support.

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