Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

Memory CareThe diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is a shattering moment for a lot of families. In some cases, there may be a sense of relief at getting confirmation after a noticeable cognitive decline. But, there is still the realization that this disease has taken hold and can only worsen. This is when it is time to consider a residential facility where your loved one can gain support from those that truly understand the disease.

At Blossom Springs, we appreciate that there is more to memory loss and cognitive decline than dementia and that we can’t group everyone under one convenient umbrella. That is why we work hard to treat patients based on their specific conditions. This means dedicated Alzheimer’s care facilities rather than a blanket dementia care service for all.

Blossom Springs Memory Care facilities can help patients better express themselves.

At Blossom Springs, we have put together a series of facilities and programs with the purpose of allowing for better expression of thought. We understand that when Alzheimer’s begins to take hold of the brain, it is difficult for our residents to express themselves in the way that they would like. That is why we have included the following Alzheimer’s care facilities:

~ Art Therapy

~ Music Therapy

Art therapy is a brilliant tool for residents when Alzheimer’s begins to rob them of their ability to express themselves verbally. This can be a very frustrating time for them, especially if they used to have a sharp mind and strong vocabulary. Our art therapy service encourages artistic expression and a focus on visual representations of emotions and thoughts. This can also be helpful for those struggling with the stress and the grief often associated with the onset of this cruel disease.

Some residents may not get along with art therapy as well as others. They may feel restrained by a lack of talent or frustrated that the talent they had for art is declining. That is why it is important for us to offer a wider range of services focusing on different skills. Music therapy is a great tool for expressing emotions through sound. There is also a fun social component to these sessions as residents develop cooperation and work on compositions.

Blossom Springs staff also encourage family and friends to visit residents where possible.

Another common symptom of Alzheimer’s is the difficulty in remembering the names and faces of those closest to the patient. We understand how difficult this can be for loved ones when they experience the decline of their parents. There may be some stress and concern that when we take in a resident with Alzheimer’s, they may not get to see them that much again. This doesn’t have to be the case at all as long as residents are happy to meet with visitors. We can’t guarantee that they will be at their best that day, or that they will know precisely who you are, but we can promise a safe, comfortable place for you to meet.


That is why we created family rooms in our residences. Family rooms provide a safe space where residents and family members can get together and enjoy their time together. The tone of the room was always going to be vital for the best experience for all involved. We didn’t feel it was right to bring people into the personal rooms of residents if they have days where they aren’t sure who is in their room. We also wanted somewhere that wasn’t clinical or sterile in any way. This is a home, after all, not a medical facility. You can spend quality time together here, chatting about their week’s activities and sharing family news, all while knowing that our professional staff is close by if you need them.

Memory care is just the start when it comes to providing a secure home for our residents.

We can’t just focus our support on therapy and memory care for our residents with Alzheimer’s. We can do all we can to make sure that the progress of the disease is as slow as possible. However, we also know that there is no cure and that residents will decline over time. Therefore, we focus just as much time and attention on creating beautiful, secure homes where residents can feel supported at all times. This means round-the-clock care and the chance for residents to enjoy the following.

  • great meal plans in collaboration with dietitians.
  • regular housekeeping and laundry services to keep up with the needs of residents in their rooms.
  • support with medical Alzheimer’s care facilities

Blossom Springs also means secure living that doesn’t feel like a prison.

Another benefit of living at Blossom Springs is that the campus sits within beautiful grounds, including a secure garden. We know that security is a common concern for family members. It isn’t unusual for residents to come to us when after the Alzheimer’s diagnosis because they wandered away from home. This is a risk in facilities that don’t employ appropriate security measures if residents become confused about where they are.

It was always important to us to create a balance where there was a reliable security system in place but that residents wouldn’t ever feel contained. The garden is a great place to go and sit and enjoy the sun, the fresh air, and the bird song. The paths and benches are part of careful landscaping for the best experience and accessibility. But, there is also a secure fence so they can only go so far.

Trust in Blossom Springs for the best Alzheimer’s care facilities for your loved one.

The services and provisions highlighted here are just the start. We encourage those dealing with a recent Alzheimer’s diagnosis to come and take a tour of Blossom Springs Assisted Living Facility to learn more. Come and chat with us and see what we can do for your relative. If you believe we are the best fit, we can make arrangements for the best possible care to ease your loved one through this new chapter in their life.

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